Nails and  gel polish.

Using MII professional nail system

Classic manicure 45 mins £37
File, cuticle work, massage and polish.

Luxury manicure 1 hr £47

 File, cuticle work, exfoliation, massage, heated mitts or hydrating masque and polish.

Classic pedicure 45 mins £40
Soak, file, cuticle work, hard skin removal, massage and polish.

Luxury pedicure 1 hr £49
Hard skin removal exfoliate, massage, heated booties or hydrating masque and polish.

File and polish 15 mins £25
Nails are filed and shaped with polish of your choice.

Gel nails £40 60 mins
2 week non chip non smudge gel polish on fingers or toes. Using Mii gel polish. File, cuticle work and gel polish application.

Gel pedicure 1hr 15 mins £50

As above with foot soak, hard skin removal, exfoliation and massage


Soak Off gel polish £15 15 mins
Soak off gel Mii pro polish